The fastest way to reach the most panoramic routes

The Alpe Cimbra’s chairlifts are an alternative and fun way to reach the paths and the routes at high altitude.

During summer season, not only hikers but also bikers appreciate the chairlifts of Folgaria and Lavarone! Many are the bike trails over 1000 meters that will take you to explore Alpe Cimbra with your hands on the handlebars.



When to choose the ski lifts?

If you choose a chairlift, you will avoid the most demanding differences in height and save some precious time; children will avoid uphill stretches and downhill lovers will quickly reach the top of the mountains and descend along stunning downhill trails! Thanks to the ski lift of Folgaria and Lavarone, you will be able to dedicate 100% of your energy to the most beautiful itineraries.

Bike-friendly chairlifts

The chairlifts of Folgaria and Lavarone are bike-friendly even in the price: your bike will travel with you at a very affordable price. With the Guest Card you can get on the Alpe Cimbra chairlifts at half price! Special deals for children are available. At the top of the chairlifts you will find mountain huts, chalets and restaurants to have breakfast, lunch in the sun or have a cold drink!

Chairlifts in Folgaria and Lavarone: all the possibilities

These ski lifts will take you and your bikes to the most scenic paths of the Alpe.


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