Routes on racing bikes, on the footsteps of the great cycling champions


Trentino’s cycling finds one of its best expressions on Alpe Cimbra.

Here, the routes to be explored on racing bikes are ideal for those who like the Granfondo: difficult rides to face the great uphill roads, descents that are a sequence of sharp turns and flat stretches where you can enjoy exciting sprints.
It doesn't matter if you are an enthusiastic athlete or a day cyclist, on Alpe Cimbra you will always find the right route for you!



Amateurs or agonists: racing bike’s routes on Alpe Cimbra

You don't need to be a champion to be able to devote yourself to exciting sprints with your road bike. The paths for the racing bikes on Alpe Cimbra are suitable for everyone: easy tracks for the less experienced ones, but also climbs worthy of a high level cycling like the Tour of the Alps.

The groups of friends with a passion for cycling, as well as racing professionals, will find in the Alpe Cimbra a real paradise where they can have fun and train together.
Groups of cyclists are indeed always welcome! Along the way the hotels affiliated with Alpe Cimbra Bike are equipped with all comforts and are always ready to welcome athletes with special services, bike storages, small workshops, tasty dinners and rooms where to rest waiting for the next stage.

The great stages of Trentino cycling, a challenge to resistance

Thanks to the accomplishments of great sportsmen, two of the many climbs of Alpe Cimbra became famous and entered the history of Trentino cycling: Passo Coe and the ascent of Menador.


Born as a road for war supplies, the Menador road is a 10 km long asphalt snake that climbs on the rocks. Narrow turns and low tunnels will take you to the top where the view over the Valsugana will take your breath away. Cities, villages and two blue spots: the Lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo. On the other side, we can see the green fields of Alpe Cimbra.
This difficult and demanding route is one of those challenges that road bike lovers cannot avoid.


The other amazing route is the ascent of Passo Coe starting from the town of Calliano. This climb will allow you to get up to an altitude of 1,400 meters on 18 km of sloping road. Despite the fatigue, in the end, you can claim to have faced one of the toughest ascents in the Dolomites!



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