E-bikes, explore Trentino with electric bicycles


The itineraries for e-bikes in Trentino between Folgaria, Lavarone, Lusérn and Vigolana are many: in the woods to ride in the cool, among the mountain pastures to taste the products of pastoral farms and through the tracks at high altitude to discover the signs of important historical events.

E-bikes have now fully entered among the bikes used by young people, not so young people, bike enthusiasts or simply by those who are curious ... Here are our suggestions to ride your e-bike on Alpe Cimbra.



E-bike, the bicycle for everyone

E-bikes have made many rediscover the pleasure of pedaling freely. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Thanks to the power-assisted bikes, older people do not excessively strain their joints and heart.
  • E-bikes are perfect for group outings involving more trained and less trained people. Indeed, with electric bikes you can ride in company, going at the same speed.
  • E-bikes are a valid support during the most demanding climbs; very long distances are covered in less time and fatigue is reduced
  • With an electric bike you can reach destinations that you had previously discarded

... In short, electric bikes satisfy the most trained and excite everyone else!


The most suitable e-bike for your excursion

Riding on an electric bike does not mean having to take simple, smooth and flat paths only. On the contrary, you can go up, downhill, on dirt roads, in the woods and in the meadows.
These are the e-bike routes in Trentino!
The electric bike must be suitable for the terrain to be covered during outdoor adventures. This is the reason why there are different electric bikes for specific disciplines such as enduro, all mountain, cross-country or gravel, all perfect for cycling in the authentic nature of Alpe Cimbra.

Do you not have an electric bike in the garage? No problem, you can rent e-bikes in various affiliated locations between Lavarone and Folgaria.

E-bike itineraries on Alpe Cimbra

The e-bikes will allow you to explore Trentino in a comfortable and ecological way. There are many simple and relaxing itineraries for e-bikes, designed not to rush, but to be able to look around, admire the view and fully experience a day outdoors.

Here are some e-bike itineraries to discover Alpe Cimbra. Before leaving, don't forget to download our GPS routes on your smartphone!


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