Descents at full speed with the bike: that’s downhill!


If you are looking for strong emotions on two wheels, then perhaps you should try to do some downhill biking in our mountains! Balance and muscles are essential to face steep descents and to master the bike on rough and wild terrains; speed is king and quick reflexes are essential to react to sudden changes of directions.

In short, adrenaline lovers have fun like crazy doing downhill!


The crazy descents of Bike Park Lavarone

If you would like to try the Downhill and Freeride disciplines, come to the Bike Park Lavarone! A park dedicated to bike and downhill lovers: 3 tracks of pure adrenaline between woods, dirt tracks and fields.
Each run is provided with safe, tested and regularly checked structures; in this way, you will be able to completely abandon yourself to thoughts-free emotions.


At Bike Park Lavarone the Whezzyssghevenait is famous, an orange track for experts as crazy as its name! Dirt terrain and wooden structures, ramps to be crossed at full speed, unpredictable U-curves through trees and incredibly acrobatic jumps. The track also has a surprise in store for you, the so-called Piña Colada, a stretch of black track that will surely make your heart beat.


Are you approaching downhill for the first time? Would you like to learn more? Bike Park instructors are ready to teach you both the basics of the discipline and the best techniques to face the most reckless descents.

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