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Tri-week Lavarone 2017

Sometimes there are stories that deserve to be told and this is one of them...

"No doubt about it; I’m seeing a show in the show, a fantastic event... I’d love to tell about it to my friends."

IT IS ONE OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAYS WERE YOU SEEM TO BE IN HEAVEN. You find yourself at the picturesque Lake of Lavarone that lays absolutely still. You can’t decide whether to take a moment and jump into the crystal clear waters or enjoy the gorgeous scenery. But at the same time at the opposite shore, there is something unusual happening: some alien looking creatures are gathering under a giant inflatable with two bulls drawn on it. What is this, an attack from another galaxy? I don’t waste time and go around the lake. I’m meeting one of these amphibious looking creature which tells me that this is a triathlon, a sporting event that should not be missed, both as an athlete or spectator: the satisfaction is guaranteed. He explains that this is an Olympic discipline for three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines: swimming, cycling, and a last one, running.
A gunshot starts the race with the tense creatures storming the lake in an overwhelming turmoil of bodies battling against the water, trying to swim fast the 1500 meters between the buoys. I’m running with all the other spectators to the transition area where the athletes take off the wetsuits and jump onto their bicycles. It’s a highlight: the overpowering roar of the cheering crowd emotionally charges you.
The pit stop is quick and also the 40 km of roads ahead go fast. One final race is left, the 10 km run split in two rounds. They sprint near the lake again, now protagonists and center of the world, the athletes parade one by one before your eyes.


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