Passo Coe ascent

Pedaling with the MTB from the 187 m of Calliano, in the valle dell’Adige to the 1.614 m of Passo Coe, on the Alpe di Folgaria is very hard, one of the hardest ascent in Trentino. However, for the lovers of the difference in altitude is not so terrific, because Passo Coe was even a “tappa di montagna” (mountain pit stop) of the Giro d’Italia 2002, won by the Russian Pavel Tonkov. An uphill itinerary through the Valley of the Rio Cavallo, Folgaria until the Alpe di Coe. At the arrival, the Osteria Coe and the ristorante La Stua will repay your effort.

4 ore
18,5 km
Maximum altitude
1618 m
Difference in height
1464 m
Difference in descent
46 m

Category: Racing Bike Routes — Location: Folgaria

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