Menador ascent

The «Strada del Menador», one of the must panoramic in Trentino, is well known for being steep uphill (from 9% to 13%), a narrow street, built in the rock. The panorama from here is amazing; you can see the Alta Valsugana, the lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo. Built during the First World War from the Austro-Hungarian Army, called «Kaiserjägerweg» is a rapid road to the Alpe Cimbra. When you arrived on the Alpe, (8 km) on the area Monterovere, recommended is the last effort to pedal the passo Vezzena, where you can have a break at the Hotel Bar Vezzena!

Very challenging
3 ore
12,8 km
Maximum altitude
1423 m
Difference in height
1037 m
Difference in descent
70 m

Category: Racing Bike Routes — Location: Folgaria

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