840-Zimbarlånt Tour

«Zimbarlant», the cimbrian world. We are in Luserna/Lusérn, where the heart of the Cimbrians beat stronger. Enjoy this beautiful MTB holidays, going down until the Avéz del Prinzep, the highest white pine in Europe. After this stopover, we reach the passo Vezzena. Open space, grazing places.
The Bar-Hotel Vezzena allow us to have a break, than with the MTB reach the dosso del Basson, known for the battle of the 24 – 25 august 1915. Along a dirty and panoramic road, we return to Luserna/Lusérn, in the Zimbarlant!

1,40 ore
21,4 km
Maximum altitude
1473 m
Difference in height
567 m
Difference in descent
559 m
Length for E-Bike
Percorso ad anello

Category: Mountain Bike Routes — Location: Luserna

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