850-Tour delle Somme

It is hard going up to the peaks, but very funny to descend… more or less this MTB-itinerary allow doing it. With the help of the lifts of Serrada – Martinella and Francolini – Sommo Alto we can going up to the peaks of Folgaria, the «Somme», then descend very fast. Along the itinerary, the panorama is amazing, one of the most beautiful in Trentino, from the fortress of the First World War like the Forte Dosso delle Somme and the Forte Sommo alto. They tell about the history of these places, about 100 years ago and it is interesting to visit them.

2 ore
22,7 km
Maximum altitude
1662 m
Difference in descent
853 m
Difference in height
849 m
Family-friendly route
Length for E-Bike
Percorso ad anello

Category: Mountain Bike Routes — Location: Folgaria