826-Millegrobbe - Forte Lusérn

Malga Millegrobbe. On the fields, there are the cows with their cowbells, which remember us that we are in the hearth of the area of the cheese Vezzena, well known in Trentino. Here in the old Alpine cottage a special place to pamper oneself in the sauna or having a massage. Here we are in the territory of the cimbrian, Lusérn is closed and all tell us about the «Cimbarn»: a culture and a language miraculously survived during the centuries. Here it is very interesting to visit the trench, also for the Trekking Bikers. And then… go to the Forte Lusérn, our destination, a fortress which could tell us about the 28 may 1915, when, under the fire of the Italian army, had to show the white flag…

15 min
2,4 km
Maximum altitude
1540 m
Difference in height
127 m
Difference in descent
3 m
Family-friendly route
Length for E-Bike

Category: Mountain Bike Routes — Location: Lavarone

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