827-Folgaria - Val di Gola

There is a savage and wild valley, where the chamois live and the eagles nest. It is the Val di Gola (Valley Gola). How wonderful is this territory! Here there is silence and only the beat of the mountain. The best were to switch off the mobile and let the nature and our senses will speak to us. This is not an easy mountain; you have to pedal on the MTB, struggling to reach the destination. It could be also dangerous: under us, there is the «Orrido», (“horrid”) with ravines, gullies and gorges: it is better to remain on the path, avoiding shortcuts! For the rest it is pure beauty, one of the most hidden beautiful places in Trentino.

15 min
1,9 km
Maximum altitude
1317 m
Difference in height
142 m
Difference in descent
137 m
Family-friendly route
Length for E-Bike
Percorso ad anello

Category: Mountain Bike Routes, E-bike Routes — Location: Folgaria

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