822-Bertoldi - Lanzino - Albertini

Bertoldi. The elderly tell that the old cimbrian colonist gave the name to the village. The name comes from Berthold, the founder of this rural community. We start from Bertoldi with the MTB, passing through the fields until we reach the curious village of Lanzino. Here are the houses multi-colored and terraced. Here is the panorama very beautiful and we can really understand why the houses are so high and tight: just in order to save place, because in the past the place for the plantation and the grazing land was very important. Now we are very close to the village of Albertini and the «fontana vècia», the old fountain of the village, witness of the past.

20 min
3,7 km
Maximum altitude
1188 m
Difference in height
76 m
Difference in descent
76 m
Family-friendly route
Length for E-Bike
Percorso ad anello

Category: Mountain Bike Routes, E-bike Routes — Location: Lavarone


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