844-100 Km dei Forti - Lusérn

This is a long MTB-excursion on the paths and the dirty roads of the area of Luserna, between wide panoramas on the valle dell’Astico, climb and descent, passing through grazing lands and pine forests. The referent points are the Fortress of the First World War in Trentino and the break-point are the Hotel Bar Vezzena, the Baita del Neff, the resort Malga Millegrobbe and the Agritur Galeno, ideal for a snack or a typical meal. To do: during the itinerary, you must greet the cows on the grazing lands!

3 ore
39,3 km
Maximum altitude
1579 m
Difference in height
1107 m
Difference in descent
1120 m
Length for E-Bike
Medium - needing to recharge
Percorso ad anello

Category: Mountain Bike Routes — Location: Luserna

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