843-100 Km dei Forti - Lavarone

This is a part of the spectacular ring of the 100 Km dei Forti (an important and well-known MTB competition) in the area of Lavarone. It is an itinerary through beautiful places in the hearth of the Alpe Cimbra and the Trentino, for example from Slaghenaufi. It is funny to get down from the wood of the Tablat and the passo Cost to the Forte Belvedere, the fortress-museum. It is exciting the route around the lake of Lavarone, even around the mount Rust and… last but not least the climb to the old observatory of the Austro-Hungarian Army, where you can direct your gaze far away…

2 ore
23,6 km
Maximum altitude
1367 m
Difference in height
739 m
Difference in descent
717 m
Length for E-Bike
Percorso ad anello

Category: Mountain Bike Routes, Freeride Routes — Location: Lavarone

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