841-100 Km dei Forti

The 100 Km dei Forti is an important and well-known MTB competition, with its 100 km of climb and descent through dirty roads and paths throughout the seven fortress of the First Word War. You can make this permanent parkour always, not only during the competition. One thing is sure: it is a strong MTB-excursion but one of the beautiful in Trentino. There are kilometers and kilometers of emotions; between wide panoramas, climb and descent, passing through the Bike Chalet dell’Alpe Cimbra, reference points, even in case of a breakdown.

Very challenging
8,15 ore
104,6 km
Maximum altitude
1666 m
Difference in height
3153 m
Difference in descent
3150 m
Length for E-Bike
Long - needing to recharge
Percorso ad anello

Category: Mountain Bike Routes — Location: Folgaria, Lavarone, Luserna

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