Giro delle Coe

From the bottom center, following the prepared track, we descend into the wide average slope snowy slope leading down to the lake Coe. We pass to the south shore of the lake, then head north and we put on the SP Francolini. Turn left and go up on average climb to the pass but, at the junction for Piovernetta hut, turn right and go up the slope until arriving at the departure station of the chairlift to Costa d'Agra. At this point, we pay attention to the prepared track that leads towards Val Mouth Orsara. Once delivered, we turn our Fat Bike and retrace our steps: to prevent you cross the ski slopes must in fact return to the starting station of the chairlift and the main road. At that point, turning right, we take the average slope which soon brings us to Step.

Category: Fat Bike Routes — Location: Folgaria

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