823-San Sebastiano - Tezzeli

The alone bell tower at the beginning of this village of the Alpe Cimbra tell us a story. It told us that one day, about 100 years ago, on the 18 April 1916, there was a lacerating whistle announcing an Italian grenade, which flown over Forte Cherle, plummeted to earth, destroying the old church of San Sebastiano.
Then there is a picture of Our Lady, not here, but in the little village of Tézzeli. On the MTB, after the dense wood of the Télder, between many streams, we are arrived. It is the picture of the «Madonna di Ostiglia», Our Lady from Ostiglia in the province of Mantova in Italy, commissioned by Pietro Muraro, a shepherd from Tezzeli, who was returning at home from the transhumance in Mantova. There he had heard about the miraculous Our Lady, who appeared to a dumb shepherdess, who after reacquired her lost voice.

2,5 ore
28 km
Difference in height
649 m
Difference in descent
430 m
Family-friendly route
Length for E-Bike

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