828-Passo del Sommo - Ortesino

After to have greeted Michele, the manager of the bike chalet of Passo Sommo, will you reach a dirt road near the green of the golf camp which connect the area to the rifugio (mountain hut) Stella d’Italia, along grazing lands and woods: pay attention, high possibility to bump into a roe deer! After the old barracks of the First World War (we are near the fortress Sommo alto), pedal on the MTB and next to the crest, descend into a big valley. Now we are on the old alpine pasture, the mountain cottage called malga Ortesino, nowadays a restaurant with many specialties, the tastes of Trentino). Near the malga Ortesino, there is the «Stallone» an old big barn, made of stones: it is very fascinating to visit it! Who knows how many mooing will have heard it?!

40 min
7,8 km
Maximum altitude
1446 m
Difference in height
160 m
Difference in descent
157 m
Family-friendly route
Length for E-Bike
Percorso ad anello

Category: Mountain Bike Routes, E-bike Routes — Location: Folgaria

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