831-Lusérn - Virgo Maria - Millegrobbe

The Tannbolt is a gloomy wood, that we have to cross, but in Lusern the people tell that we have to worry about it, at most we will meet some sprites, who peek at the mushrooms hunter. Just go with our MTB and take the risk to go in the cimbrian forest, we will pass trough also grazing lands. On the peak of Virgo Maria let us have a pit stop to the Baito del Neff, knowing a real cimbrian, Flavio and then… Continue to Malga Millegrobbe, today a well-known resort on the mountain. Now we are at the end of our MTB-excursion, after the fortress Lusérn, witness of the First World War, we go back to Lusern. For a while, we will pass through the Sentiero dell’Immaginario cimbro (Cimbrian path of the imagination), one the most beautiful in Trentino! Don’t you are curious?

1 ora
12,3 km
Maximum altitude
1579 m
Difference in height
407 m
Difference in descent
410 m
Family-friendly route
Length for E-Bike
Percorso ad anello

Category: Mountain Bike Routes, E-bike Routes — Location: Luserna

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