836-Ascending Cherle Upland

Do not despair! To reach this peak, 1.440 m of the Fortress Cherle, you need to climb up, to work hard.
Take a breath and… go through the Astico valley, crossing the river and getting up with the MTB. You will reach a wild place, with endless wood, some chamois distracted from the bikers. At the end, you will reach the grazing land of the Cherle. Here you can restore you and enjoy the amazing place! The grassland, the pasture and the fortress, the ruins, the signs of the grenades of the First word war. What a wonderful panorama! Little suggestion: have a break at the Chalet Passo Sommo!

1,05 ore
12,5 km
Maximum altitude
1441 m
Difference in height
631 m
Difference in descent
629 m
Length for E-Bike
Percorso ad anello

Category: Mountain Bike Routes, E-bike Routes — Location: Folgaria

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