Pina Colada

The Bike Park Lavarone, located in the Bertoldi Tablat ski area, offers four different trails with four different degrees of difficulty: Rum Runner, MoJito e Pina Colada and Whezzyssghevenait (which is under construction). The departure starts at 1470 m on top of the Mount Tablat and descends to the Bertoldi village to 1200 m. The trail has jumps and bridges to make this the most fun and thrilling ride!

Category: Bike Park Routes — Location: Lavarone

Pina colada

A trail developed for thrill seekers who want to find their own limits in complete safety. Build with and continuously modified contraptions, allowing the most fearless riders to race over gangways and jumps at full speed. Try to time yourself and compare it with the fastest racers of the 2013 Triveneto Race that competed on this track for the Gravity Cup final!