Bike & Fly for r/c pilots "the best way to live our mountains and enjoy our slopes, hiking or with an electric bike!"
If you don't have a sailplane backback, we provide it. It's made on porpouse to let you walk uphill or using a bike without problems.
We have different sizes, to load small planes like 1 meter of wingspan until 3 meters. Have a slot for the r/c and batteries.
Several slopes around us can be reached in several ways:
- hiking
- electric bike
- chairlifts open in summertime where you can load also the bike
For hiking we provide also the nordic walking sticks, electric bike can be rented here and for the chairlift we provide the "Trentino Guest Card" that allows you to go for free.
We will provide the map and we will show you where to go exactly and where to restore along the way
We've created some itineraries if you want visit more than one slope per day. Just following some clues is very easy to reach the places where we flew in the past and where we are still flying.
This can be used with the e-bike if you have a short stay but you want to see everything fast.
You can reach our beautiful airfield very easy to reach by car in less than 5 minutes and where we fly with engine planes.
Is possible aerotow gliders for some meters and then search thermals that actually are really good because of the rocks under it.
This is very useful when there are low clouds that cover the slopes or in the periods close to winter time.
Follow this link and watch the video realized by Werner Baumeister

The offer includes:

  • Half board stay
  • All the services specific for r/c pilots
  • E-bike, mountain bike electric
  • Backpack specific for the airplane max 3mt wingspan
  • Assistance and rescue for any problem on the road
  • Trentino Guest Card with 50% off on the ticket of the charlifts (summer opening)
  • Possibility to load the bike on the chairlifts
  • Trailmap specific with our tours or to reach the slope selected

Offert valid:

01.05.2018 - 30.09.2018

From € 60,00 per person/Night

Booking online

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